Jebagro GmbH has again supported the Foundation Seeds for Progress this year and is happy to contribute to various projects in Nicaragua as a Bronze Seed sponsor.


Many Jebagro GmbH employees are regularly on business trips all over the world and sometimes they can get to see a glimpse of the country and its people in the most diverse regions. Therefore, the employees are often being confronted with social injustice, especially in developing and emerging countries. From those impressions, the initiative has grown to do something against these unjust conditions and to make a small contribution that really reaches and benefits the people in several regions.


The Seeds for Progress Foundation has been dedicated for quite some time to enabling sustainable growth through education, health and information in coffee regions. This year we were able to support two projects of their initiative.


The first project supports pre-school early childhood education in four schools in Nicaragua. It ensures that a total of 386 pupils from 1st to 3st learn to read and write. Especially during COVID 19, education was unfortunately the first thing to be neglected for many children, which is why it is so important for us to support this project.

The second project Jebagro is happy to support is the initiative against child labour. Also due to the pandemic, many families struggled to make ends meet and many had to send their children to work instead of school. Seeds for Progress formed an alliance with various coffee producers and exporters and is supporting almost 470 children and their families in five centers in Nicaragua. They offer families that work during coffee harvest season childcare attention, proper nutrition, and meals for children as well as academic support for children who are ready for school.


Jebagro is very happy to be able to support such great projects and thanks Seeds for Progress for their great initiative and dedication.