Our values are:

•    We are passionate in our contribution to our team and business partners.
•    We deliver the highest quality of work in all areas.
•    We keep the initiative, and focus on our key business purpose and goals.

Excellence with Passion

•    We approach others with honesty and care.
•    We respectfully adapt our actions to the diversity of cultures and individuals.
•    We are constructive, transparent and reliable in our actions and in our communication.

Excellence with Passion

•    We are agile, open-minded, and creative in finding better opportunities and solutions.
•    Our versatile and growing knowledge enables us to tackle any challenge.


•    We are accountable.
•    With a sense of urgency, we remain focused on our priorities, and structure our work accordingly.
•    We maintain and support lean methods.
•    We deliver.

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Business development

Business development

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 Supply chain management and logistics

Supply chain management and logistics

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Our products

Our products

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